About Niles Garden

Niles Garden is a successful CEO, real estate consultant, and entrepreneur from Sarasota County, Florida. As a multi-award-winning property management professional and real estate consultant, he is the name behind Downtown Living Inc. in Sarasota. Garden also owns and operates a leading national entertainment company.

Among Garden’s entertainment company’s most prominent ventures is Monster Trucks. Under his expert direction, Monster Truckz has become the world’s second-largest monster truck show. Owner Niles is a part of the famous Garden Bros Circus dynasty, now in continuous operation for over a century. It is currently the largest circus on the planet.

Garden proudly supports various nonprofit organizations and other good causes. That includes nonprofits and good causes within Sarasota County, elsewhere across Florida, and nationwide. Away from his work and charitable efforts, he enjoys flying, sailing, and spending time with his family.

Current Roles & Duties

Niles is a serial entrepreneur, successfully establishing dozens of companies during his decades-long career. His current ventures include Stellar Entertainment Inc. and Downtown Living Inc., two leading Sarasota County-based businesses.

Stellar Entertainment Inc.

Niles Garden owns and is CEO of Stellar Entertainment Inc., a leading entertainment company providing real family adventures. Brands under the same umbrella as Stellar Entertainment include Garden Bros Circus and Monster Trucks. Garden Bros have entertained families for over 100 years and maintain widespread recognition as the biggest circus on Earth.

Meanwhile, Monster Trucks promises the most incredible trucks on the planet. The national touring monster truck show boasts features including Extreme, Mayhem, and Chaos tours. Visitors to Monster Truckz events can expect a one-and-a-half-hour-long extravaganza full of extreme motorsports for the monster truck experience of a lifetime.

Monster Trucks also invites visitors to its shows to check out its free Pit Parties to learn about the entertainment company’s giant trucks and take photos with their drivers. Monster Trucks is owned and operated by Garden Motorsports Inc., another of the CEO and entrepreneur’s many successful businesses.

At Stellar Entertainment Inc., owner Niles is responsible for home office operations at its Sarasota-based headquarters. Altogether, Stellar Entertainment Inc.’s nationally touring entertainment shows have an annual reach of over 100 million people across the United States.

Downtown Living Inc.

The Garden is an established property management professional and real estate consultant. As a property management and real estate expert, he owns Downtown Living Inc.

Established in 2013, Downtown Living Inc. operates across Sarasota County and elsewhere along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Downtown Living Inc. serves residential and commercial clients, promising reliability, profitability, and simplicity. Elsewhere, Downtown Living Inc. also offers real estate management for seasonal properties.

Niles Garden serves as Downtown Living Inc.’s owner and its senior broker. Led by its owner, the Sarasota-headquartered company promises to exceed expectations through its formula for maximum returns on clients’ investment properties.

Professional Skills

The Garden is a multi-talented, well-established CEO, real estate expert, and entrepreneur. During his decades in business, he has amassed an impressive roster of professional skills, abilities, and knowledge across many areas of expertise. Among these professional skills, abilities, and areas of expertise are the following:


Business development



Event management

Event planning

Investment evaluation

Investment property sales


Marketing strategy

New business development

Property management

Real estate

Social media

Social media marketing


Niles is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and property expert. As a real estate broker and property consultant, he is a two-time winner of various highly prestigious SRQ Magazine property planning and architecture awards. Among these awards is SRQ Magazine’s Home of the Year.

SRQ Magazine is a flagship publication in Sarasota County, Florida. SRQ Magazine caters to a dynamic readership. This readership consists primarily of the area’s residents, including creative families, young professionals, and internationally renowned entrepreneurs. SRQ Magazine has a combined print and digital readership of over 70,000 across Sarasota and Manatee counties.

Garden has also won awards for his pool and landscaping designs and LEED-certified efficient, healthy, and carbon-saving green building efforts. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement. Certification forms a part of an industry-wide commitment to paving the way for a green building-focused property market transformation.

Charitable Involvement

Niles Garden is closely involved with numerous nonprofit organizations and other good causes. Nonprofits and good causes backed by the successful CEO, real estate consultant, and entrepreneur include a number within Sarasota County. Others exist elsewhere across Florida and nationwide.

Garden regularly donates time and funds to the good causes he is most passionate about. Among the many financial donations made by the Stellar Entertainment Inc. owner is a six-figure sum granted to the Circus Arts Conservatory in his Sunshine State home city of Sarasota.

The Circus Arts Conservatory aims to educate and engage local youth via unique and innovative learning programs. Its goal is to measurably improve the quality of life of those it serves while advancing the extraordinary heritage and legacy of the circus.

The Garden is also a long-standing supporter of Sarasota’s Phillippi Shores Elementary School.

Personal Life

Niles is a happily married father of two from Sarasota County, Florida. The Garden lives in Sarasota, south of Tampa, on the Sunshine State’s famous Gulf Coast. The city is famed for its links to the world of circus entertainment.

Garden’s family has a long history as renowned circus owners, where they own the world-famous Garden Bros Circus. In his position at the helm of Stellar Entertainment Inc., the entrepreneur is now a third-generation circus owner.

Father-of-two Niles Garden and his wife, Justyna, live in one of Sarasota’s most popular suburbs. Sarasota is celebrated as a gateway to miles of pristine Gulf Coast beaches. Many boast shallow waters and beautiful, fine sand, including Lido Beach and Siesta Key Beach. Garden built an award-winning home for his family in Sarasota in 2016.

When he isn’t working or spending time with his family, Garden enjoys various hobbies and other interests. Among these hobbies and interests are flying and sailing. He is also a lifelong automotive enthusiast and owns several high-performance vehicles, including a McLaren supercar.

Niles Garden piloting a plane, showcasing his aviation skills


Niles Garden